REVIEW: Her could be the Worst Dating App EVER

REVIEW: Her could be the Worst Dating App EVER

Hello! Not just is Her a film with Joaquin Phoenix, however it’s additionally an app that is dating queer females! Which is terrible!

Let’s backtrack a full moment, because perhaps some people are scanning this going, “Jeez Louise, Megan!

Where are you asian dating site? Residing under a stone or some shit LOL?!” to begin with, no, i really do perhaps not live under a stone, and I also resent the simple fact you also implied we did // that could be extremely uncomfortable, and I also have always been not too bad yet. (YET.) 2nd of all of the, i’ve understood concerning this software for some time now, but seeing as lots associated with the BYT staff semi-inexplicably runs on A android os capacity that is cellular I became actually not able to download it for a try until yesterday, which can be whenever I noticed it had finally been made readily available for products other than iPhones. And kid do we regret ever striking the “download” button!

Have actually you ever wondered exactly what it could be like if somebody tossed Grindr, Pinterest, Craigslist and relationship into a electronic blender? Well, Her is exactly the sort of depressing smoothie that could derive from that combination!

A feel for your level of vibe-iness for starters, your profile is essentially a “mood board” which can be decked out with photos or text blocks that are supposed to give other users. (Or lack thereof.) The app’s creator (whom we don’t mean to objectify at all but wow v. attractive and smart without the whole creating a dumb application component!) claims this will be a less embarrassing means of saying who you really are than being forced to compose a blurb on rival internet dating setups. I’d argue, however, that when any such thing, it simply makes the individual experience// that is incredibly creepy everyone else right into a suspect within the game of “AM I BEING FUCKING CATFISHED RIGHT NOW?!”

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