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Founder director and chairman

The founder director and chairman of Sanjay Gandhi Memorial (S.G.M.) Institute, Mr. M.K. Mishra is a retired senior gazzetted officer of government of Madhya Pradesh Before government job Mr. M.K. Mishra was in teaching line from 1952-1962. In those ten years he was associated with Biyawani and Barabhai School and then after Nootan H.S.S. and Maharaja Shivaji Rao H.S.S. These Schools are very old and prominent educational Institutions of Indore.

Mr. M.k. Mishra laid the foundation of Sanjay Gandhi Memorial (S.G.M.) Institute at the heart of city Rajwada in the academic and Professional training to the year 1980. The motto of institution was to provide different students alongwith human and moral values for social services specially for leprosy patients, his food packet scheme is well known nation wide and for free eye camps he was honoured by the honourable president of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharmaji (that time he was health minister of govt. of (M.P.).



Twenty years may sound a very long period in a human life though it is not too longer for any Institution. But in these two decades , I am proud to say that S.G.M. Institute has achieved the peaks of targets and produced many meritorious students. I am happy with the incredible faith of the young talented minds on the S.G.M. Institute. Now S.G.M. has become the impulse for thousands of young minds. The whole creditability goes to the excellency of the Director and chief trainer of the Institute Dr. R.K. Mishra. Because of his extra ordinary efforts- S.G.M. Students are feeling the force of feelings

Director & chief trainer

The young and dynamic director of S.G.M. Institute Dr. Rajesh kumar Mishra had been a meritorious scholar throughout his academic career. Heís a national level debator and a merit holder of Rani Durgavati University. With his attractive style of dialogue delivery and a charming voice level and toning he won several contests and as well the hearts of many people. He is a national level Personality Development Trainer. Various seminars and workshops have already been conducted throughout India by Dr. R.K. Mishra on numerous topics such as stress management, leadership training, Human values, Inner Power, Fear and Tear management etc. His most powerful and effective seminar of two days named "Spectrum of life"TM has brought wonderful and tremendous changes in thousands of lives. His successful experimental researches are based on Indian spiritual, Vedic and Yogic approaches alongwith a unique alignment with scientific and psychological theories. More than thirty thousand of trainees have already been benefited through Dr. Mishras training programs lectures and seminars & Instituteís package courses.



We all adore one God of
Follow one religion of
Speak one Language of
                           -THE HEART
Belong to one Caste of


Course Director

The course director of the S.G.M. Institute Mrs. Neelam Mishra is a creation of St. Francis convent School, Jhansi (Cantt) which is among the thirty foundry basic convent schools laid by Mary ward the founder of convent school in India and Mrs. Mishra is amongst those lucky persons who taught in the same school where they have studied. In the St. Francis convent school she taught subject English for around half a decade.

She is a science graduate with a masterís degree in English Literature. Mrs. Mishra has also done her Bachelorís degree in Education (B.Ed.) with distinction marks and she is also pursuing the research (Ph.d) in English Literature on W.H. Auden American Author.

All the course material and research work of Dr. R.K. Mishra is beautifully designed and created by Mrs. Neelam Mishra her devotion and dedication is practically visualized by great grand success of the students and trainers of the Institute.



Simplicity is more fascinated than the complication, and my efforts are to design the course and create all the notes in a very simple and communicative term so that all the previous students are benefited and achieved the higher level of targets in their lives whatever they dreamt.

I hope and pray to God "O" my lord please, make powerful to all our students and strengthen them So that they make their dreams come true in their lives.

I believe in the dialogue " History Repeats It self" and youíll achieve better targets in your life then the previous ones.

Wish you all the best.