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Founder chairman Mr. M.K. Mishra laid the foundation of Bal-vikas organization in the year 1980, for empowering the withered young minds which is wevered  from the path of ethics and human values. The regular Bal-vikas classes, academic and educational classes, weekly study circle programs were started. After wards the program of food donation to poor and leprosy patients started. For this activity founder chairman Mr. M.K. Mishra was honoured  by several national and International organization and this work is still continued and spreading all over the India. Several other organization are associated in this great holy task.

Success Records 









The faculty member of S.G.M. Institute, are highly qualified, took international training and expertise in their fields. Chief trainer Dr. R.K. Mishra has also taken the nine months of specialized training to use different audio visual teaching aids for the benefit of candidates. S.G.M. Institute is the pioneer academy of Central India to provide the teaching through audio visual teaching aids including graduation and post graduation (one sitting) as well professional courses level such as B.Ed. C.A., C.S., M.B.A., Personality Development, Public speaking etc. Several merit holders and toppers are the jewels in the crown of S.G.M. Therefore S.G.M. is known as the merit producer academy of central India.

A.V.R.P.C. Audio Visual Research and Production Centre. It is the first academy of its own Kind in the world having its A.V.R.P.C. which produces Audio-visual teaching aids according to the level and need of the candidates rather than implementing and showing the cassettes available in the market S.G.M. is the only language training academy where audio and visual recording equipments are permanently affixed in the classroom. Instant visual recording of the trainers is done fortnightly, so candidate can observe, monitor and analyze their phonetic mistakes under the perfect guidance of Dr. Mishra himself. Dr. R.K. Mishra has enforced this technique in the classroom on the basis of the world known theory 









As the S.G.M. Institute is well known for implementing and introducing the new research based techniques and methodology. Apart from all latest audio visual teaching techniques S.G.M.s classrooms are specially designed in square shape for giving intensive training of Effective Public Speaking (E.P.S.) and better Eye contact Practice as well presentation skills and Body language training.

Every classroom is having dias podium, microphones, overhead projectors (O.H.P.) and instant audio/visual recording facility, live telecasting facility. etc.





As the success of any Institution cannot be assessed and analyzed on the basis of the growth of Institution only rather it should be checked on the basis of the success rate of the students/trainees. Our students got record breaking success in several academic and professional examinations, such as medical, engineering, bank, railway, P.S.C., C.A.T., M.P.M. Jet, S.S.B. etc.

Though total list of different successful candidates who succeeded in different government and private jobs is very long but for your observation we have listed the comments of the recently succeeded candidates at the end.